Santxosolo Hostel is placed in the council of Güeñes, between the neighbourhoods of Artxube and Lambarri, in the region of Encartaciones. 

Thank to its emplacement far from the most crowded areas of the council’s towns, this accommodation has the privilege of being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and nature. Despite the calm that surrounds the area, the communication is excellent as it has a walk-road that connects the traveller with Güeñes’ centre and Arenatzarte Park in just 15 minutes.

In addition, the hostel is half a kilometre from Lambarri halt of FEVE commuter train and one of the Bizkaibus stops on the line Bilbao - Balmaseda. Alternatively, this area has both train and bus stops in Güeñes and Sodupe, to 2 and 3 kilometres respectively.







The municipality of Güeñes or “council of Güeñes”, is located in the eastern area of the region of Las Encartaciones, within the Cadagua Valley.

 Güeñes is located in a strongly hilly area, crossed from southeast to northwest by the structures of so-called "Anticlinal de Vizcaya" in its southern flank. The alternation of sandstones, limestone and loamy materials in addition to their different resistance against the erosion has led to a landscape characterized by the presence of a narrow valley, crossed by the Cadagua River. The steep slopes in both sides of the river do not leave enough space to build or set up industrial or living areas.

 The main mountain peaks in the right bank are: Ganekogorta (999 m.), Aguilatos (662 m.), Gallarraga (862 m.), Paguero (789 m.), Congueda (682 m.), Crucijadas (224 m.), and Pico Laguna (563 m.). Over the left bank, the main peaks are La Cruz (631 m.), Pico Ubieta (637 m.), Ategui or Enmedio (537 m.), Lujar (541 m.) and Eretza (871 m.).

 Cadagua River, apart from being the most important river in the Encartaciones, is the natural communication route in the East area of this region, in which a continuum of towns and industrial areas is form. As it passed bay the council of Güeñes, Cadagua River receives by the left, the waters of Agua Fia, Marcoleta, Grazal, Urrarán, Recorquillo and Norza streams, among others. While by right it receives Zartuña and Nocedal waters.

 The main habitat in Güeñes is focus in different little population cores, mainly in the lowest areas of the Cadagua valley. The capital is Güeñes, that gives the name to the whole municipality, placed close to the road to Sopuerta. Other population cores are La Quadra, Santxosolo, San Pedro de Goikuria, Sodupe and Zaramillo.




Feve commuter train. La Concordia train station (Abando).

Line: Bilbao – Balmaseda.

Lambarri halt or Güeñes train station.




  • BY BUS

Bizkaibus bus. Line: Bilbao – Balmaseda.

Termibus bus station (Bilbao).




  • BY CAR


Cómo Llegar Bilbao - Albergue Santxosolo from Gugaz_TB on Vimeo.

From the city centre of Bilbao:

  • Take the road A- 8 to Balmaseda/Santander.
  • Take the exit 119 to the road BI – 636/ Balmaseda.
  • Continue 13,6 kilometres in the road BI – 636. Take the exit 19 (BI – 6351 Güeñes Este).
  • Turn left in Artxube Kalea. Go straight for 1,1 kilometre and turn left in Lambarri, in "Muebles Vizcaya" to take the exit to Santxosolo neighbourhood.
  • After the level crossing go ahead for 200 metres.