Arenatzarte Park

 Parque de Arenatzarte

Arenatzarte is an outdoor museum with the aim to create a relationship between the avant-garde art and the natural space. This space is the botanic park of Arenatza, a park of 1,5 hectares.

The botanic garden has around thirty singular trees, some of them almost a hundred years old, distributed along different walks.

Some of the art works of Koldobika Jauregi, Angel Garraza, the Roscubas brothers and Mikel Lertxundi are part from the permanent exhibition of Arenatzarte.  A exhibition room is enabled in the Garden House and in the modern glass building to hold small art works of well-known artists.



Avellaneda Meeting House. Las Encartaciones Museum

Casa de Juntas de Avellaneda – Museo de Las Encartaciones  

 This museum is a set of important historical buildings, where the “holy tree under which the first people in Las Encartaciones met to discuss the issues of the Republic” stood. Avellaneda meeting house was the place where the local councillors met to discuss important issues. Nowadays the meeting house is the museum of Las Encartaciones. A visit to the various rooms of the museum will take you on an interesting trip though the History of Las Encartaciones.







Loizaga Tower. Museum of vintage and classic cars

Torre Loizaga. Museo de Coches Antiguos y Clásicos

An amazing medieval defense tower from the XIII century looks like a proper place to keep inside a wonderful collection of luxury cars. The collection is focused in the make of car Rolls Royce, with some of the most impressive models of the make and apart from that many other car makes that have an importance in the history of the automobile. In addition, Loizaga Tower is surrounded by mountains and forest and very close from the coast.



The Foundry El Pobal

Ferreria El Pobal


El Pobal foundry is placed in the Municipality of Muskiz, in the heart of the mining area. There is an artisan workshop where many years ago the iron ore was became in metal and a wide range of tools were made in this foundry.

Close to the foundry there was a complex made up of different buildings like the houses were the employees of the foundry were living, a mill and an oven were the bread was cooked, the garden where the vegetables were grown and the mountains where the charcoal was taken.



Museum of Mining in the Basque Country

Museo de la Mineria


A place which grew in the past thanks to the mining industry can not forget where it is coming from and that is why nowadays we have the opportunity to visit all the mining development in a museum focus in preserve the patrimony of the mining industry.

The visit of the museum is a tour trough the mining history of Bizkaia, where you can find tools, machinery and documents. It is possible to see also a large collection of steam machines and art works inspired in the mining, created by well known artists.



Boinas La Encartada Museum

Museo de Boinas La Encartada


In 1892, in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, La Encartada textile-wool factory was born in the bank of the Cadagua River. This company of textile-wool, an industrial field which has been very rarely represented in the region, built close to an old mill the factory, the houses for the employees and a chapel which was used also like a school. Apart from produce different items, La Encartada focused in the production of berets and the factory was working until 1992. Nowadays the factory has become in a museum.



Ethnographic Center Valley Villaverde

Centro Etnográfico Valle de Villaverde de Trucios


Located in the former schools of Valle de Villaverde, it was opened in 2001as an Ethnographic museum. The visitor can discover how our grandparents lived in a not-too-far-distant past, but which has been unfairly forgotten and to learn more about such popular and traditional skills.



Koben Koba. European Palaeolithic Art Interpretation Center

Koben Koba


Kobenkoba is the first interpretation center of European Palaeolithic art, placed in a cave where the humans expressed their first worries and interests about art.



Pozalagua Cave

Cueva de Pozalagua

The cave of Pozalagua is considered as single in the world because of the variety of strange and rare stalactites in there, due to the crystalline composition of dolomites which takes different shapes intertwined in every direction. Inside the cave there was a lake which is totally dry nowadays but it deserves to be visited anyway. This cave was discovered by chance in 1957 and after a restoration process it was opened to the public to admire its beauty.



Karpin Abentura

Karpin Abentura


Karpin Abentura offers to the visitor the possibility to enjoy three different theme areas:

The Valley of the Dinosaurs: In this paleontological camp there are some different dinosaur species living together with four investigators who explain how they live and which are their habits.

The Garden of the Beasts: After the dinosaurs disappeared, two different groups of animals survived in the Earth: mammals and birds.

Nature Alive: A privileged refuge for more than 55 species of animals, great sample of the Iberian and European fauna.






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